Privacy Policy

Maryland Piano is committed to providing you with a secure and private online shopping experience. This privacy policy is our promise to you that the data we collect through this Web site will be used in a manner consistent with that commitment. If you have any questions about this policy, please call our customer service number at 410-997-8388.

How does Maryland Piano use personal information?

We use the personal information you provide to fill your orders, to personalize the site, to provide customer service assistance and to improve the content of our site so that we can better meet your needs.

We will e-mail our customers regarding order status, customer service issues and periodic product offerings. Customers can also sign up for subscription email newsletters.

Will personal information be shared with outside entities?

No. Maryland Piano will use the information you provide us for internal purposes only. We will not sell, rent or trade the information to any outside entity.

How is my personal information protected from theft?

Maryland Piano uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption technology, the standard for ensuring secure data transmission across the Internet. SSL ensures that the data you provide us can only be read by Blank servers. When you purchase an item from us, your credit card number is stored in a location that is not accessible to the Internet.

Because of the importance we place on security, your browser must support SSL for you to participate in any of the site’s interactive functions, including online purchasing. If your browser does not support SSL, you can place orders by calling 410-997-8388.

If you feel uncomfortable sending your credit card information over the Web, we offer you two additional options to complete your order. First, you can check the box “Check here and we will call you for your credit card information” on the final checkout screen. Second, you can call our Customer Service number (410-997-8388) to complete your order. Once you’ve identified the items you wish to order, call to place your order.